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Greenland paddle?




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What is a Greenland paddle?


Greenland paddles have been honed to perfection over hundreds, maybe thousands of years by the Inuit for use, hour after hour, in some of the most arduous and dangerous conditions known to man, so it should be good enough for weekend lightweights like me!


There are two basic paddle types;  West and East.


West Greenland paddle



The western style paddle has 3 defined sections, the loom, the blades and a shoulder between the two. The shoulders can help the kayaker to relocate hands to the normal positions when using the sliding stroke technique.


East Greenland paddle



The eastern style paddle has no shoulders, just a smooth transition between the loom and blade.


Originally the blades often had whale bone at the tips and along the edges for protection from ice. I use hardwood as my local supplier has no whale bone in stock at the moment.


open canoe paddles



I also carve open or Canadian canoe paddles. This is a Haida style paddle based on the now discontinued Grey Owl Haida paddle.


If you click on the paddles you can see really, really big images of these paddles.