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bespoke Greenland paddle


The full-sized East, shoulder-less or West Greenland paddle, this is what most people need and want.


Paddle wood options:

Western Red Cedar, Meranti, Douglas-fir or Obeche


Hardened tip options:

African Blackwood (FSC approved), or American Ash or Sapele



Storm paddle


A Storm paddle is a shorter paddle for use in either rough and windy conditions, or in an emergency after you have lost your main paddle.


A Storm Paddle is identical to a full-size paddle except it has a much shorter loom, usually just the width of both your hands between the paddle shoulders. This is approximately 200mm / 8".


To use this paddle you must employ the correct Inuit sliding stroke paddle technique. This paddle is normally secured to your kayak under the deck bungee ropes, easily accessible should you drop your main paddle.





Finally I make the Norsaq. This is a harpoon or spear throwing lever (also known as an rolling pin, atlatl or woomera - see good ol' wikipedia) and, as last resort rolling paddle.


It is tiny, usually no bigger than 400mm / 18" long, 100mm / 4" at the widest point and less than 20mm / 3/4" thick. A norsaq is usually kept alongside your Storm paddle under the kayak deck ropes.


Supplied with a fleece paddle cover (eventually - see below).



Special commissions, canoe paddles and SUP


I love the challenge of special commissions, and have recently delivered a Haida style canoe paddle (photos here). Also I finished a Meranti 2.25m kayak paddle with crescent shaped blade tips and a WRC / Douglas-fir kayak paddle with Ash blade tips (photos here).




Standard paddle:

£225 inc. VAT


with hardened tips:

£275 inc. VAT








Standard Storm:

£200 inc. VAT


with hardened tips:

£250 inc. VAT












£45 / €60 inc. VAT












Price on application