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West Greenland paddle no. 20 for Patrick of Buckinghamshire

Western Red Cedar with African Blackwood blade tips

2.15m with 90mm blades

30mm shoulders




basic block of Western Red Cedar

2140mm x 101mm x 48mm, 3150g



after initial blade planing



Patrick found nuupaddle after an extensive Google search. (I'm still learning how to raise my site's profile). I was in competition with another UK paddle maker and ultimately what won his custom was my dedication to keeping the weight down as much as reasonably possible.


Based upon previous experience I initially estimated the paddle would weigh no more than 750g. After all the shaping had been done, but before the finishing oil had been applied, the paddle weighed 732g.


Two weeks later after the oil had been applied, the weight had dropped to 718g. I guess the exposed wood had dried out even more since initial carving, thus reducing the weight even further. This is not an issue I had considered before and it prompts me to go and re-weigh other paddles to check their current weight. Live and learn, eh?


I delivered his paddle in early February and we then went paddling together up the river Thames to Marlow weir.



African Blackwood rough cut tips




click here for a bigger version, 2048px high