bespoke East and West Greenland paddles UK paddle canoe custom

I was commissioned to make a canoe paddle

based on a Grey Owl Haida paddle (currently out of

stock in the UK and no longer listed by Grey Owl of Canada).


My client already owns a Grey Owl Haida but it is quite worn and so she asked me to make a replacement with a strong tip.


As I am not a canoeist I gave it to her to test and then reshaped it based on her feedback resulting in a

paddle lightened from 900g to 690g.


I found out recently why this Haida paddle has is

the shape it is: there is a lot of kelp around the Haida

Gwaii, also known as the Queen Charlotte Islands, so the

paddle has a pointed tip to penetrate through the kelp to make

paddling easier. A round blade would catch on the top of the kelp

and give the paddler no purchase on the water.



Haida style canoe paddle

Marenti and African Blackwood

1.525m with 150mm blades

60" with 6" blades