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Western Red Cedar blades

Douglas-fir loom

Ash blade tips

2.2m with 90mm blades

10mm shoulders



I made this test paddle for several reasons:


I wanted to try Ash as a hardwood paddle blade tip. I am not sure I like the circular design of the blade tips, but I wanted to see how strong I could glue end-grain Ash and WRC together. It feels very strong. I suspect the WRC blade would splinter apart before the blade broke at the join. Hopefully I'll never find out!


I wanted to try to reduce the flex that an all WRC paddle has.

The 500mm loom is Douglas-fir, tapering off to nothing for another 500mm into the blades.


I carved very abrupt shoulders to see how shorter step feels in use. I find I place my hands on the start of the blade, just beyond the shoulder a lot more so wanted a quicker transition between the loom and blade.


Finally it is made up of offcuts. This means less workshop waste but more glueing.


Click on the paddle for a massive version (6884 x 332 pixels)